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Rohini – The Chariot

Rohini (10.00-23.20 Taurus) is a bright pale rose star – the Aldebaran. Rohini is ruled by Brahma, Prajapati, or the Creator. Rohini is the wife of the Moon. Aldebaran happens to be one of the brightest stars in the celestial firmament, and was thought of as the abode of Brahma.

Rohini signifies a growing or reddish celestial woman and the color red evokes warmth, liveliness and passion. The symbol of Rohini is a cart pulled by two oxen, which stands for fertility.

Behavioral Characteristics

Rohini heralds fertility, agriculture and hence civilization. This is a productive nakshatra that lays the foundation stone for every kind of growth like the growth of a plant from a seedling. Rohini is responsible for all kinds of production, and on a higher consciousness, it relates to products that are solely derived from nature. These people are environmentalists and naturalists. On a lower plane, Rohini involves itself in synthetic and man made products. They are more involved with the cosmetic industry.

The natives have large expressive eyes with enhanced feminine features like full lips and a pleasant disposition. Their stability gives them a patient exterior, much like the cow. Rohini reveals itself only in perfectly intimate situations and is thus at times stubborn. In spite of their external serenity, Rohini expresses itself with its gestures and tone. With apparent gentleness, they can at times seem seductive as well.

Rohini seeks attention, and gets it. They use charm to manipulate situations, although this is often a disadvantage since they are self-serving. Despite their sexual appeal, they are simple personalities whom natives of complex nakshatras find dull. In the Kali Yuga, they pursue sensual and material goals. They concentrate on the community, home and world and are often successful.

Rohini assists in the realization of thoughts and ideas and hence it is a creative nakshatra. They are patrons of arts and in the modern day world they can be seen as functioning through the baser expressions for self-expression. These natives have a fixed and persevering nature with strong family ties. People outside the family circle cannot hold their attention for long, unless they are weak towards them. They are usually sociable, although baser natures can make them self-serving and opportunistic.

Rohini may be a conservative nakshatra, but they are open to new influences. The conservative aspect stems from the presence of the life fore within Rohini. They are extremely cautious about their health and live long, as they have an inherent fear of death. Rohini looks for enjoying the pleasantries of life and hence makes the most of everything that life has to offer. The ‘rohana shakti’ or capability to make things grow refers to the fertility aspect, engaging in the realization of the astral impulses.

Padas or Quarters

 The first pada falls in the Aries Navamsa and is governed by Mars. Carnal nature and passions are highlights of the pada. The focus is on extravagance and indulgence. The planets are looking for fast and material results. If the Mars and Sun are well placed, they will perform well in this quarter. In the higher aspect, the pada can make a person a spiritual fighter combating exploitation on the material level. This is a level of purifying energy that combines spirituality with matter without any kind of differentiation.

 The second quarter falls on the Taurus Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. The quarter stands for all the aspects that arerepresented by Rohini. The planets in this quarter provide the native abundance and the ability to stand against the worst situations. However, the person might be highly materialistic. The pada helps give expression to your feelings and opinions using material means. As a Vargottama pada, it provides natives with intense results. It is the strongest quarter of the zodiac in terms of realizing of desires. Saturn, Moon, Venus and Mercury are especially strong planets of this pada.

 The third pada lies in the Gemini Navamsa which is governed by Mercury. The focus is on arts, business and sciences. It is the most flexible and shrewd of the Rohini padas and can accumulate wealth like the second pada. Jovial and lighthearted, this pada is not susceptible to sticking to material issues as compared to its predecessor. Venus, Saturn and Mercury provide strong results.

 The fourth pada is the Cancer Navamsa which is ruled by the Moon. The focus lies on material and home security. Money comes in through brief travels. The planets have a maternal aspect, but can get highly possessive and narrow-minded. If the Jupiter and Moon are well-placed, they can function well.


Agriculture, farming; all kinds of jobs related with growing, handling and processing of food; sex therapists; jewelers; beauticians; fashion and cosmetic industry workers; leisure and entertainment industry; musicians; artists; herbalists; botanists; transportation business; financiers and bankers; food production, distribution and packaging; shipping and textile industry; tourism; automobile industry; interior decorators; gemstone dealers; all professions related with liquids and aquatic products. 

Gana: Rohini is a manushya/human nakshatra, characterized by earthly qualities, civilization and agriculture.

Favorable Activities

Initiation of activities, agriculture, trade, finance, marriage, healing, self-improvement, exploration and travel, commencing construction, romance and sexuality, purchasing jewelry, vehicles, garments

Unfavorable Activities

Those relating to demolition, destruction, death


Rohini natives should show respect towards cows and the varied manifestations of nature for positive energy. Worship of Lord Brahma is not recommended by Vedic texts, though since Brahma was the curse of Shiva. Chanting the root mantra “Om Rm” and “Om Lrm” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra helps alleviate afflictions. Wearing bright and pastel shades is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, Rohini natives are pure, beautiful, and honest and have a constant mind and power of speech. It is true for Lord Krishna and Queen Victoria.










 Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.







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