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There are 3 stars that are governed by the planet Saturn. These are Anuradha, Uttarapathrapada or Uttrattahi and Pushyam. The planets that occupy any of the 3 above mentioned stars will give different results corresponding to the house that Saturn owns or occupies.




  1. Lazy, lethargic, abortive, adulterous, unscrupulous, wandering, loss of wife, poor, industrious, methodical; sensitive areas include spleen, right ear, knees, teeth, bones, gallstones, constipation, rheumatism.


  1. Maximum labor, minimum wage, lack of money, success in estate, coal mines, investment, or lead refrigeration etc; has several wives, may encounter lag in education, and may be fond of drinking.


  1. Gains wealth and income, death of brother, victory over enemies, diplomatic, success in litigation, mentally strong, cautious, and is truthful.


  1. Chronic disease to the mother, loss of ancestral property, voyage to distant places, misfortune in native soil, scandals, incomplete education, gain through black grains and oilseeds, not affable with politicians, ends life in seclusion. Well placed planets come with treasures and gains from Lords of 2, 7 and 11.


  1. Abortive, stillborn child, may go for adoption, disappointed in love, likes old people very much, attraction to widowers, trouble through children, losses in cinema, speculation, criminal persecution, often wanders, tale bearer and is depressed.


  1. Adamant, deaf, encounters victory over enemies, raises income and earning, popular, chronic diseases, and likes to be in an authoritative position, trouble in childbirth, encounters loss through poultry and cattle.


  1. Late marriage, sick wife, fond of others’ wife, ear aches, faithful and prudent wife, has steady affection, misery, poverty, loss in partnership, miserable, not apt businessmen, opposed, fail in litigation, elections, scandals.


  1. Wealth loss, criminal nature, misery, disputes, dejection, slow death, distressed in dreams, disappointed, obstacles, chronic diseases, danger of drowning, death of father, failure in reproductive capacities, likes to drink, adulterous, leprosy, asthma, consumption, bad for brother, black marketing, dishonest deeds, and likes secretive activities.


  1. Philosophical, detached, meditative, scientific outlook, mineralogy, geology, metaphysical and occult sciences, and renovates places of worship like temples, is not religious, unfortunate, and leads an unpleasant domestic life.


  1. Acquires speedy promotion to a high position, and experiences sudden reversal of the stand of the adversary. They are ambitious for prestige and power, and despite their industrious nature, financial failure is likely to occur. They are likely to visit places of worship, foreign shores, act as religious heads, and finally lead the life of a hermit by relinquishing all.


  1. Chooses friends and elders, fulfills hopes, acquires wealth and land, political power, has obstacles in academics, may be detrimental for elder brother, enjoys transport, owns vehicles, has an authoritative nature. They are successful as entrepreneurs, influence and receive promotions and thereby increase in income.


  1. Lives in a solitary place, and may encounter the danger of being imprisoned. The natives also engage in surreptitious or criminal activities, loss of prestige, financial setback, injury, accident, setback in love affairs, dissatisfaction in sexual life, waste money for unpleasant causes, has bad vision and brings ill health to their children. The natives have a weak physical bearing and suffer from misery.



Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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