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Merchant account, Payment Gateway
Credit Card Processing
Phone Consultation $60 for 45 min
7:00 am to 9:00 pm PST
Payment Options-In India

Service Name : Telephonic Consultation

My bank details are as under for wire transfer ( NEFT )/ cash deposit / cheque deposit
Amount          : Rs. 4000/-
A/C number   : 104905000327

A/C Type        : Current Account
Bank              : ICICI Bank
Branch           : Kankurgachi Branch , Kolkata , India
NEFT / IFSC Code : ICIC0001049


You can either transfer the amount through net banking or you can just walk into your nearest  ICICI bank and deposit the amount by filling in a Payslip using Cash or Cheque. Kindly forward me the transaction details in case you have transferred the payment from your bank account to my bank account.
Once the deposit is done email me your birth details ( date , time and place of birth along with the questions ) at and call me at +91-9830036652 to set up a convenient time for the consultation .

Note : If one is aquainted with internet forms and would like to make the payment online via Credit Card / Debit Card go to the Telephonic consultation Link and follow the instructions . Just keep in mind one thing after submission of the form one has to choose Proceed with CCAVENUE for making the payment.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.
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